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Side Metal Utility

If you are looking for a metal storage building for sale to reduce the overflow of clutter in your closets, the Metal Side Utility is the most affordable option to add the extra space you need for your keepsakes, valuables, and seasonal decorations.


✓ 5/12 Pitched Gable Roof

✓ Custom Shop Doors

✓ 2x4 Door and Window Headers

✓ 29-Gauge Metal Roof and Siding

✓ 2 - 2x3 Windows

✓ Double Studded Corners

✓ 75" Wall Height

✓ Double Studded Every 4'

✓ 5/8" Tongue and Groove Flooring

3D Builder Graphic.png

Get started today and create your own Custom Building(CLICK ME!!)

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