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Side Lofted Cabin

Maximize the useable square footage on your property with a Center Lofted Cabin. The center 4' x 8' porch with double lofts at each end allow this pre-built portable building perfectly suitable for a split, dual-use space. Add interior wall framing and you can create a custom man cave and she-shed combo within the overall footprint of a single outdoor shed.


✓ Lofted Gambrel Roof

✓ 9-Lite Door

✓ 2x4 Door and Window Headers

✓ 3 - 2x3 Windows

✓ 4x8' Porch with Increased Height

✓ Double Top Plate

✓ Two Lofts at Opposite Ends

✓ 29-Gauge Metal Roof

✓ Double Studded Corners

✓ 5/8" Tongue and Groove Flooring

✓ 79" Wall Height

✓ Double Studded Every 4'

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